The ProVisS Suite - The Right Solution

The ProVisS Suite is a powerful Proactive Visibility System designed to combine highly effective software solutions with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, with a focus on distribution and manufacturing.

ProVisS is highly versatile, adaptable, and scalable to fit each customer's specific needs without unwanted or unnecessary features at a price point that can't be beat.

ProVisS is flexible enough to accommodate single or multiple distribution centers and will interface with almost any system or device found in a modern warehouse environment.

ProVisS provides a sophisticated architecture to help companies obtain advanced data analysis capabilities, manage inventory flow, labor, resources, and significantly improve profits, on-time delivery and customer service, yet is simple enough to be used by any employee.

The ProVisS Advantage

bullet User-friendly, easy to use
bullet Extremely flexible
bullet Fast ROI
bullet High uptime
bullet Improved supplier/customer relationships
bullet Maximized inventory accuracy
bullet Reduction in inventory
bullet Improved quality control
bullet Optimal space / staff utilization
bullet Improved productivity
bullet Dramatic increase in picking efficiency
bullet Decreased lead time
bullet Reduced backorders
bullet Dramatic managerial and operational control improvements
bullet Higher order accuracy
bullet Improved operator / labor efficiency
bullet Decreased operating costs
bullet Continuous customer support
bullet Dynamic data analysis and reporting
bullet Elimination of order checking
bullet Sophisticated utilization of RF technology
bullet More efficient shipping / scheduling


The ProVisS Suite - The Foundation for Success

The ProVisS Suite offers many features designed to help Proviss Innovations' customers manage their warehouse, distribution or manufacturing environments with ease and efficiency and is highly adaptable. It offers a variety of modules designed to enhance your top-to-bottom solution and help you to further streamline your process today while allowing complete flexibility for the needs of tomorrow. Whether you need standard applications or custom solutions, The ProVisS Suite from Proviss Innovations can make the difference in bringing you to the next level in efficiency, cost savings and productivity.

Some of our features include:

bullet Logistical analysis as it relates to specific customer requirements
bullet Host transaction interface
bullet General reporting system includes standardized reports
bullet Intuitive and flexible inquiry / maintenance forms on data tables
bullet Stock area / location matrix maintenance and dynamic product assignment
bullet Release mechanism to external order picking system(s)
bullet Access to standard SQL query language for ad-hoc queries
bullet Interface with compliant OLEDB/ODBC clients
bullet Extensible system audit logging functions
bullet Comprehensive user security subsystem
bullet RF device interface for any application requiring remote access
bullet Inventory management
bullet Restock management
bullet Complex location management (lot control, container tracking, etc.)
bullet Industry standard form generation (shipping and contents labels, packing lists, manifests, bills of lading)
bullet Order entry
bullet Invoicing / transaction interface with accounting system
bullet Full integration with industry pick to light systems (for example, CAPS by Kingway Material Handling)
bullet Remote device control (conveyor systems, weigh scales, and more)

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Service and Support

Proviss Innovations exceeds the service our industry expects and demands, and we take pride in our commitment to you, the customer.

From the very first meeting, the staff at Proviss Innovations works hard to develop a partnership with its clients and industry partners to ensure the best possible success.  Each customer is given the utmost attention before, during and after the project is completed.

When new software is installed, customers are provided with on-site training and support.  Once implementation has been completed Proviss Innovations continues to provide the highest quality of support on an ongoing basis.

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